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Mexico's Costa Maya

Mexico's Costa Maya is the newest part of Mexico being developed by the Mexican tourist agencies. The beautiful undeveloped beaches south of Tulum will soon make the Costa Maya a popular place to vacation.

For now, the Costa Maya is unspoiled. There are few hotels in the Costa Maya, and the hotels that are open generally attract an environmentally conscious ecotourism traveler. There are some private homes for rent, and several new chain hotels under construction along the coast.

The Costa Maya won't remain undiscovered for long. The highway and roads are good in the Costa Maya. There is an airport scheduled to be built in the next few years to serve the Costa Maya, and a cruise boat facility is already in the works. The Costa Maya is close to Belize, making travel between Mexico and Belize simple. There are already a few developed areas, such as Xcalak, Mexico.

For now, beach front real estate in the Costa Maya is relatively inexpensive. Some sections of the Costa Maya are protected and cannot be sold. The Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve is a large park set aside to preserve the natural resources of the Costa Maya. Several newly discovered Mayan ruins will soon be open for visitors to the Costa Maya.

Private relaxation and natural beauty are what call today's visitors to the Costa Maya. Scuba divers explore the Costa Maya's healthy coral reef. Anglers can chose between deep sea sports fishing on the Caribbean or flats fishing in the Costa Maya's unique salt water lagoons. Birdwatchers marvel at the bird populations who make their home in the Costa Maya's unspoiled mangrove and jungles. Mexico's Caribbean coast is warm year round and a perfect place to vacation.

Come enjoy Mexico's Costa Maya (before everyone else finds it)!

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